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Subject:New Pic...
Time:10:42 pm
Image hosted by Photobucket.com
Just a pic I made in illustrator, thought it was kinda sweet. Thought i would post it.
I did really well on finals! Finished with an A average in my classes!
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Subject:Returning as the undead lj user...
Time:03:25 pm
Now that you've all forgotten me,
I was asked by one of my many awesome teachers yesterday if I would tutor. Design and Layout. I wasn't sure how good I was doing in that class but aparently not too bad. Yay! Plus I get paid....so that will be nice extra little chunk of money.
Yesterday was Halloween!?! Oh yeah...that's right, I sat home. haha Sean and I were dressed up yesterday. I for school, Sean in case we decided to go anywhere. And well, we didn't but oh well, we looked damn cool sitting home. :)
I got second place in the halloween costume contest at school as well, damn fallen angel.
Image hosted by Photobucket.com
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Current Music:Halo 2
Time:04:23 pm
Current Mood:highhigh
( o Y o )

boobies. hehe

Yeah sorry about that...
I'm actually writing because i'm really excited. Anyone that actually reads this is probably already bored by the story. It's really cool though because for ONCE, since like 2000 it feels like things are really going to go peachy! Like I'm all set up to go to school, I have my computer on the way, I have my financial aid all taken care of *pain in the ass* and it's just a spiffy kind of week!

Also...I'm not really high, it just looked funny.
HUGS, NOT DRUGS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Current Music:As I Lay Dying
Subject:I must be a bitch....
Time:09:57 am
Current Mood:sadsad
I dislike it when people judge me.
Don't try to tell me who I am.
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Current Music:The Agony Scene - We Bury Our Dead At Dawn
Subject:Ahhh lovely
Time:11:34 am
Current Mood:pissed offpissed off
I just had a whole journal entry typed up...like the longest one I've done in forever, and then POOF, it was gone....GRRRRRRRRRRR

Anyways...here's what it was about. That whole PETA thing. Pretty sickening huh??? Yes...that's such ethical treatment! Killing puppies and putting them in dumpsters...but hey....HEY YOU....put down that steak!!!!!!
Image hosted by Photobucket.com
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Current Music:Jaden playing guitar
Subject:oohhhh hollywookie
Time:02:08 am
Current Mood:exhaustedexhausted
Well...i mostly am just updating cuz I want my new avatar to get on something. It's awesome isn't it tho? I love my judges, except ooonnneee. Guess whoo?!?!??!?!
haha i'm a crackhead and i'm tired
i'm going to go
Milian is my hero!!!!
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Current Music:Mindless Self Indulgence - Stupid MF
Subject:Life....ahh it's delicious!
Time:10:49 pm
Current Mood:naughtynaughty
I'm going to move. And like soon, and I can't hardly wait! Sean and I are moving to Moorhead or Fargo with our awesome friend Matt.
We went to St. Cloud this weekend because Matt graduated, and wow, I think it was probably fun. I got a hair cut, so I had to change my avatar and actually have a recent picture of meself. My friend Mandy cuts hair at Regency, because she's going to school to be a cosmetologist...and she is soooo good at it. But anyways, point of story, I got a hair cut. FINALLY! And it's all asymetrical (*sp?) It's like longer on one side, and I have crooked bangs. I absolutely love it and it's REALLY easy to take care of.
ANYways...I'm really not sure what i'm going to be doing next year, like I know i'm moving, but i got a letter from the school saying that the class i wanted to take is full. Which really sucks, because i'm not the type to just sit around until the day before the classes start hoping that someone will drop out! argh...matey...?
Has anyone heard the new Mindless CD? It's the greatest album i've bought in a LONG time, and what's cool about these guys is that like, since their first, their style hasn't changed. Which I really like, because they're awesome and very original. It's great great. Check it out....if you have the balls!!!!!

whatcha think of my haircut? I would like the input!
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Current Music:The choir in my head
Time:10:12 am
Current Mood:scaredscared
I feel the need to update...and blow some steam.
I have been watching the presidential running crap for a while now. I was proud of myself that I followed it rather closely this time around, considering that I would be old enough to vote this time. A lot of people were saying that it's like voting for the lesser of two evils. And I SOMEWHAT agree with that. HOWEVER, one of those evils has completely fucked up our country.
I was pretty stoked yesterday, "woo hoo...I can vote this year, even though the popular vote doesn't mean shit" I actually had a little bit of hope in this country of ours, that maybe when you realize shit is going bad, and someone that's running our country is a backwater redneck and makes a shit load of stupid decisions and mistakes, we might......you know, try to turn it around.
So all this time I'm thinking, Hmmm...Kerry might actually stand a chance! I was getting pretty excited, and we were out to dinner last night for my brother's birthday, and my family is rather into politics. So we were going to the resturaunt "lobby" thing to check the TV. For a while there, it was looking pretty good. Kerry was sort of taking the lead, he was about tied up with Bushfuck.
We left Fargo and were on our way home and my car took an explosive diarhea crap. We had to get toed home, so I was like pretty fuckin angry, and when I got home and saw the tv...things didn't really get better.
Of course...there's like 2/3 of the country that's fucking red as can be. Gotta take into consideration all the redneck states. I'm thinking....
How could all these people go out and vote for someone who
Doesn't give a flying fuck about the people in this country
DOES care about the people who are extremely filthy rich
Fucked up our already fairly bad rep. with other countries
Is really quite scarily unpredictable
I guess my problem is that I just don't like living in fear, apparently it's a lot cooler then I thought, because it doesn't seem to bother like 60% of the population.
And you know what else, I would love to be drafted too. I'm sure everyone would agree with that. Go to war for something that I don't give a piddly fuck about. But i'm sure there's a lot of people who say "Bush isn't going to reinstate the draft" How the fuck would you know? Of course once that whole story surfaced, he's going to say "I promise der will be no draft. Strategery" haha sorry i had to refer to the SNL thing. But honestly, of course during the presidential running he's going to cover his ass like that. Why wouldn't he...I don't believe a word he says. Not now, not ever. If anyone does that's fine but it will be rather funny when it comes back to bite their heads off.
I am very very very upset that Kerry didn't win.
Maybe everyone knows about those stupid political flyers you've been getting in the mail. My favorite campaign saying so far is "John Kerry, is it a risk we can afford to take?" or something like that.
Here was my thought YES
Yes it is a risk we can afford to take. How can we NOT afford to take that risk, because we already know what's going to happen if this g-tard stays in office. We're all doomed!
That's all...i'm going to stop for now because i'm sure a lot of this doesn't even make any sense. Kerry didn't win, and i'm pissed off...and I can't believe how ignorant people are who would actually vote for Bushly again. Fuck up our country...I guess that's fine with me!
If you don't like anything I just said...fuck off. HAHAHA
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Subject:Hey Guys
Time:07:14 pm

Hey Everyone! I hope this is ok, and I'm not trying to be a pest...but I am part of a screenprinting business, and we like to specialize in doing business for bands.
We can do t-shirts, hoodies, patches, tanks, girl tees, trucker hats, and zip hoodies. We're called DEATH BY DESIGN, and if anyone is interested, just e-mail us at deathxbyxdesign@hotmail.com!!!
Thanks a Lot!
Keep On Keepin On!
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Time:11:46 pm
my hands are freezing
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View:Body Modification Galore!!!!!!. Homestar!!!!!. HaHa.
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